Juliet Vanner – My – Naples Italy

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Juliet has created four large cookies and each one is a collection in their own right! The Delorean, Cafe 80s, Enchantment Under the Sea Dance and Hoverboard! Check out all the details….and Lorraine’s dress!

“The first thing I particularly look for when creating a cookie design is colour, so after researching and looking at BTTF scenes, I decided to make paper templates of the most appealing BTTF elements and incorporating the colour factor. In the end I managed to create 4 large cookie collages (each cookie weighs about 300gr), which relate to 4 different BTTF scenes .Its very difficult to estimate how many hours of work went into this project so I’ll just estimate the hours in stages. I did a lot of research, tried different designs, made double the amount of cookies in case of breakage, prepared batches of royal icing, outlined designs onto cookies, flooded each cookie, used an assortment of colours, handpainted, piped royal icing transfers and added piped embellishments.” – Juliet

Wow! just amazing! Juliet is raffling these in her local area for Parkinson’s Italy.

You can find more of Juliet’s work over on her Facebook page


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