The Collaboration

October 21st 2015 is Marty McFly day!

This is the day Marty travels to into the future in Back to the Future part 2. Although flying cars, Hoverboards and self drying clothes have yet to hit the market just yet, it’s finally here! To mark this occasion superb cookie and cake decorators around the world have joined forces to create Back to the Future themed edible art. With a generic ‘anything BTTF related goes’ brief, individual interpretation was key. We didn’t care if we had 12 DeLoreans, they would be all unique!!

You can check out all the fabulous entries here

The fundraising effort for Parkinson’s charities has also been amazing! Selling their creations to friends, families and customers our artists smashed the initial target of a modest £88 (pun intended!) within in a week in pre-orders alone!!! Great Scott!!! Please check out the fundraising page for more info and how you can also get involved!!


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